Read-write history.

Reorder commits by drag-and-drop. Edit diffs with a click. Undo any change with ⌘Z. All speed, no bumps.

Retcon makes rewriting git history effortless.

Move a commit back in time with a single drag-and-drop. Squash, edit or delete in a few keystrokes. In place—no need to enter a special mode and lose all context. Skip rigidly planning everything ahead, and instead manipulate with instant feedback.

Then change your mind: undo anything with ⌘Z, with step-by-step granularity. Never waste time starting a rewrite over; instead, just edit that one line, in that one file, in that one conflict resolution, and then move on. No repeating yourself.

And do all of that, without having to dutifully pause to stash your uncommitted changes; heck, even your staged files are seamlessly preserved through anything you do. Another chore vanishes.

No other tool comes close to Retcon's speed and fluidity.

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Retcon requires macOS 14 Sonoma or higher.